Interview with Discwoman Co-Founder Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson about „Physically Sick 2“ release and intersectionalism in Techno

Interview by Jesse G

Could you tell me how and why you came up with the idea of releasing this 
The Physically Sick thing started last year. Physical Therapy, Umfang and I had attended an event somewhere in Pennsylvania, which was before Trump was elected. It was a big Boiler Room event and they did this thing called a „Weekender“. It was amazing but it ended up getting shut down by the police. It was in a very explicitly Trump area, there were signs everywhere, which was really disturbing for us coming from New York, seeing this and then the weekend ending in police shutting an event down. This series of events seemed so crazy and gave us a certain idea of what was to come. Then Trump was elected, we were all like „wow this sucks“. Daniel (Physical Therapy) said we should do something and try to protest this. I can’t really remember how exactly we came up with the compilation but we said let’s do this and have it released on Inauguration Weekend, so that’s kind of what spurred it on. Last year we were a bit broader on the focus of who we’d donate the money to; there were four different charities and organizations. It was great and had a really awesome effect and impact. This year we wanted to amp it up a bit and make it a bit more directed in terms of who we’d give the money to. Last year was a bit mixed; there was Planned Parenthod, ACLU, National Immigration and Callen-Lorde.
So this year we decided to just give it to the Brooklyn Bail Fund because the prison system in the USA is, as everyone knows, a complete disaster and incubator of racism. I think that has actually been more successful. It feels more political and has more impact.


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Posted by KLINSH on Montag, 8. Januar 2018